Q Theatre Launch

Q 9

In 1996 Auckland’s Watershed Theatre and Inside Outs creative home closed to make room for the Americas Cup.

In 2006 Inside Out were involved with the collaboration of artists to fund the build of a new project.  Mike Mizrahi and Marie Adams were commissioned to stage an event that united the Auckland’s Artistic community in a vision for what will shortly become New Zealand’s newest Theatre space. Working with a large company of well-known and lesser known talents across the whole spectrum of performing arts, Inside Out took people on an evocative journey through a series of installations set in the bowels of what will become the new theatre space itself.

Q theatre was going to to be a theatre built by artists, for artist.

2011 saw the launch of this dream as a theatre with two flexi-form performance spaces. This new theatre to house the young up and coming theatre companies and nurture creativity in Auckland. Inside Out collaborated with a plethora of artists to show the audience how far the building had come and how much possibility lay before them.