Louis Vuitton 150th Celebrations, Hong Kong

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Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo

One of the world’s leading Brands, Louis Vuitton, commissioned Mike Mizrahi and Marie Adams to conceptualize a celebratory evening that would tour the world’s greatest cities.

The Inside Out team created a venue of exceptional scale. The manufacturing, design and engineering were undertaken in New Zealand under Inside Out’s direction who then oversaw its shipment and logistics of installation around the world. Some 2000+ VIPs and celebrities were invited to attend a one night only exclusive event. The highlight of the evening was a 20 minute multimedia extravaganza written by Mike Mizrahi of Inside Out Productions, with a film created by award winning film maker Alfio Pozzoni. At the climax of the show a different “star” appeared at each centre, including Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child in Hong Kong and Mr Ryuichi Sakamoto in Japan (Last Emperor & Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence)

"The day before the city was divided between those that had this invitation and those that desperately wanted one… Nothing compares to this show, not even the best on Broadway… The most spectacular moment was the Eiffel Tower made from Louis Vuitton trunks, emerging from the floor magically. Socialites have been known to be difficult to entertain, but this was a fantastic night; they were all charmed."

Paris Match, France – February 19th 2004